Prepared for the inevitable? DANIELLE PINNINGTON discusses the reasons why start-of-year retail figures are so encouraging, despite the looming arrival of Brexit   Well January was quite a month this year – with retail sales figures making headlines generally for the right reasons and much to the surprise of some commentators. In fact the figures

  • Dispelling the myths

    Dispelling the myths

    Jonathan Wilkins, Marketing Director, EU Automation It’s safe to say that you can dismiss almost every Viking costume you’ve ever laid eyes on as being a true-to-life replica. While these threatening Scandinavian tribes did wear all sorts of bizarre headgear when marching into battle, there’s no reason to believe it was decked with the intimidating

  • Let’s get physical

    Let’s get physical

    By Pete Hayes, Co-founder / Director, PB Creative Ariel India’s new ‘Dads: share the load’ campaign has certainly struck a chord with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. The social networking giant’s Chief Operating Officer said it was one of the most powerful videos she had ever seen, and millions agree with her. Since she shared the ad

  • In Design

    In Design

    By Martin Bunce, Director and founder, Tin Horse Invention, new ideas and breakthrough unique innovations are all part of how we value design. Quantifying this value is always difficult. Indeed, valuing anything in the wake of Brexit, with ever-fluctuating currency exchange rates, is a challenge. But let me seek some empathy, and maybe help to

  • From The Consumer

    From The Consumer

    By Danielle Pinnington, Founder & Owner, Shoppercentric The shift in shopping habits from weekly large trolley trips to smaller more frequent shops is leading to a range of challenges for retailers and brands alike. One key challenge is that of mission morphing in smaller format stores. A shopper may have entered the store planning to buy

  • Innovation Innovation

    Innovation Innovation

    By James Pepper, Technical Services Director, Vista Retail Support With more than two million students living across the UK, this is one demographic that simply can’t be ignored by retailers. Figures from global business information service Experian puts the total amount spent by students in 2015 as £30 billion, with estimates for 2020 as high

  • Last Word: Missing a trick

    Last Word: Missing a trick

    By Jeanette Vivier , Director, Radius Europe Competition in the market today is fierce. With so many brands competing for shelf space and market share, it is vital that companies do everything they can to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to provide consumers with a tailored

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word

    Damian Hennessey talks about stemming the tide of growth … There is no doubt that the rise of 3D printing and big data technologies will transform the way businesses manage logistics and production over the next decade and government support for this vital area for growth and innovation will help to drive this transformation. Manufacturing,

  • From the consumer…

    From the consumer…

    DANIELLE PINNINGTON discusses how to act while ‘playing the waiting game’ and dealing with consumer confusion   The latest consumer confidence index from GfK (measured post Brexit) showed a drop of eight points – the sharpest decline in 21 years. This highlights how deeply consumers have been rocked by the Referendum result. We do at least